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Avington Lake [OS Map 1908-1937] (select to close) The photographs and information about the Avington section of the River Itchen come from observations from Avington Park. The lake, and the water that feeds into it, is a diversion from the main river.

The lake offers a very different habitat to that of the river. Waterfowl are either resident or use it as a safe haven to roost overnight. Coots, moorhens, mute swans, tufted duck, snipe and many other species can be observed in good numbers. It provides a good breeding ground for them all. When the fields around are being ploughed large flocks of seagulls of different species 'commute' between the fields and the lake.

During the autumn of 2013 the lake was dredged with many thousands of tons of silt being removed and spread on the adjacent field. Seagulls could be seen taking an eel or two from the deposited silt.

The lake is privately owned, but there are good views and observation points from the south side of the lake.

Dredging the lake (select to close) Dredging the lake (select to close) Dredging the lake (select to close)