Pollen covered bee and fly
Pollen covered
Newly emerged scarlet tiger moth yet to stretch its wings
Scarlet tiger moth
Green carpet moth seeking the best camouflage for its resting place
Green carpet moth
White lipped snail snail with beautiful markings
White lipped
Purple comfrey - one of the many varieties around the river
Purple comfrey
A scythe used to cut the underwater vegetation
Ready for action
Snail cemetery - predator unknown
A snail cemetery
The strange and unique butterbur is one of the first flowers to appear during the year
A butterbur flower
Maintenance and improvements along the river are a constant and never-ending task
Bridge building
The patient and stationary heron lies in wait for an unsuspecting fish to pass
Heron in waiting
Norfolk reed attracts the frost in the winter with stunning effect
Iced reed