View from the Riverbank (Select an image to enlarge it and again to close it)

Martyr Worthy beats surveyed from 2008 onwards [OS Map 1908-1937] (select to close) The photographs and information about the Martyr Worthy section of the river Itchen evolved from the production of a book about the riverkeeper, Ron Holloway, and the subsequent ongoing support and interest of Simon Ffennell, the owner and current riverkeeper of this stretch of river.

Having been given the privilege and opportunity by Simon to film the brown trout spawning, during January and February 2008, I was lucky enough to be able to continue filming every day during 2008, come rain or shine. During that time I have seen and recorded many wonderful sights and sounds in thousands of photographs and many hours of high definition video, together with a daily diary.

Some of the richness and the diversity of life, in and around the river, can be seen on an information board situated by Martyr Worthy bridge. It shows the flora and fauna, together with aspects of river management. The board is changed every four months to reflect the change the season.

The river January to April (select to close) The river May to August (select to close) The river September to December (select to close)

The material shown for this part of the river was originally added in greater haste than I had anticipated as a BBC South Today programme, Finn's Country,, in which I featured, wanted to link to this site. At present there are just 45 photographs to see, together with some of the things I have learned about river management, the flora and fauna and the history of the river. I hope you have as much pleasure in seeing these pictures as I have had in taking them.