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Art Naturally

Inspiration also comes in landscapes, patterns, shapes and reflections that provide rich material for the artist, poet and storyteller. It is through art and imagination that young people can be introduced to, and learn about, nature with a sense of fun.

By collecting leaves and identifying the trees from which they come, collages can be made from the leaves by youngsters - fun in learning. This chapter has several ideas for young and old minds alike.

Read the story of The Dragon Tree, a true story of fiction based on fact!

Alongside the poems of Henry William Davies and Alfred Lord Tennyson, the account has inspired other poems.

There are games ideas to follow. The 'River Itchen Trail, based on Snakes and Ladders, offers a chance to try your luck to ride with the swifts and avoid the Itchen 'rapids'.

There is even an Itchen Valley Alphabet, illustrated letters, some of which form the drop capital introductions to illustrate each of the chapters.

Finally, there are calming, Monet-like images, plus several photographs of 'logodiles', 'woodfolk' and amusing aspects of 'creatures' that inhabit the wild wood and banks of the river.

It's Art Naturally!

The book will be available from February 2019 onwards.