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Behind the Scenes

Observations concluded in 2018 afer another year-long study of the top beat of the river, primarily to observe the otter in the early morning at 6 a.m. Yet observations of a small area of bushes and trees across the river provided an unexpected richness of wildlife and aspects of how the river 'activates' every morning.

Thoughts on fieldcraft, in terms of equipment, techniques and approaches, provide an insight that may be helpful to others.

Discovering, Understanding, Considering, Knowing (DUCK for short) are headings offered as a means of helping to organise and structure thoughts and observations.

A critical resource is the reference library and there are hints and tips as to what to look for, what to buy and what a 'The Complete Book of...' really means.

The account would not be complete without details of some mistakes made along the way, what affect they had and what would be done differently. Helpful lessons to others contemplating a similar venture.

For men may come
and men may go,
but I go on for ever.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

The book will be available from February 2019 onwards.